Vacation Rental Owner

Vacation Rental on Lummi Island is a thriving and exciting industry. When you aren’t visiting your island home you can place it on the vacation rental market. We are here to help you make Vacation Rental Ownership easy. We schedule housekeeping, check your home after your guests leave, and provide support for you and your guests.

We can help you prepare your home for the vacation rental market, make suggestions to improve the marketability, assist you in writing your marketing material, once guests are in your home we are your on-island resource, after check-out we walk through your home checking for problems, ascertaining the return of the guests deposit, ensure housekeeping is completed on-time and thoroughly so that your home is rental-ready for your next guests.

We do whatever is necessary to ensure that your guests have the best vacation experience on Lummi Island. And we ensure that your home is in the best possible condition so when you want to visit, you are free to enjoy your home and the island.