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Wouldn’t it be luxurious to arrive at your Island home and find it aired out, freshened up, and clean? Lummi Island Concierge, LLC offers a Welcome Home Package which will make all of these preparations for your arrival. Additionally we can also supply your home with groceries, flowers, and even have your dinner ready and waiting.

Lummi Island Concierge will help to make your arrival at your vacation home enjoyable and task free. Walk in and enjoy your getaway.


The Welcome Home Package includes:
  • House cleaning
  • Linens freshly laundered
  • Airing or Warming your home
  • Turning on the water
Additional services are available and include:
  • Groceries purchased and placed in your home
  • Stocking or restocking necessary items
  • Flowers
  • First night meal preparation
  • Deck furniture and cushions placed on decks and patios
  • Decks, walkways, porches and driveways cleared of debris
  • Special requests completed

We offer a full array of concierge services for your home. Our services can include identifying maintenance and repair items in and around your home, arranging for necessary maintenance services, contracting larger tasks, and overseeing contractors.

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Interested in our services, our Arrangements and Costs page will provide more details.

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