Peace of Mind Services



You want your home to be ready for you when you arrive on the island, and safe when you’re away. With regular visits to your home and property we ease the responsibilities and worry associated with home ownership letting you enjoy your island home when you are on the island and give you peace of mind that your home is being cared for when you are away.

During our regular visits we make sure all the doors and windows are locked, we will look around your home, inside and out, to detect changes since the last time we visited, we will take note of anything that needs attention or repair. We send you information about the condition of your home with suggestions for the items noted. And you can rest easy during inclement weather events, we will check your home after each event.

You can be confident that when you are ready to come home, your home is ready for you. Services offered are Peace of Mind Services, to monitor your home when your away, Welcome Home Services to open, clean and prepare your home for your return, Until You Return Services to make sure the trash is removed, your house is secure, and all settings are off after you leave.

Let us do the work for you! Lummi Island Concierge will perform regular exterior and interior security and maintenance assessments. We will let you know that everything is as it should be, and if it is not we will help figure out a course of action.

With Peace of Mind Service we will:

◊  Visit your home one to four times a month

◊  Complete an extensive checklist that includes:

◊  Look for water leaks

◊  Look for signs of pests or insects

◊  Ensure appliances and heating are set appropriately

◊  Check that doors and windows are securely locked

◊  Take temperature readings

◊  Run water in sinks and tubs, flush toilets

◊  Check hot water heater

◊  Inspect footings and roof of all buildings

◊  Quick check your home and property after major storms or extreme weather events

◊  After each assessment we send a report indicating the condition of your home. When  maintenance or repair items need attention, we detail them with recommended action. If the item is routine Lummi Island Concierge, LLC will tell you how much our services would be. If it is a task that requires outside contracting we can suggest trusted vendors, initiate the bidding process, and oversee the project.

We offer a full array of concierge services for your home. Our services can include identifying maintenance and repair items in and around your home, arranging for necessary maintenance services, contracting larger tasks, and overseeing contractors.

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Interested in our services, our Arrangements and Costs page will provide more details.