Your Home

Do you ever worry about your home when you are away? Did we turn off the heat when we left? Is there a window open? Did the storm affect our home? How long has the electricity been off and how is my home being affected?

We have a service for that.

Keeping your house in great condition is a lot of work. With our Peace of Mind Services we can take care of the things you are unable to do, or have better things to do with your time.

Your Peace of Mind Is Our Business

"We cannot describe the complete comfort and peace of mind
it gives us having Lummi Island Concierge there for us."
Dana and Brian, Nevada

Home Monitoring

While you are away from your home we will walk through and around your home with our checklist. We make sure your home, yard and outbuildings are safe and secure.


We offer a full range of housekeeping services for the residential homeowner. Our housekeepers are attentive to detail, discreet and paid a living wage. We are licensed and insured so you feel comfortable with someone in your home.

Departure and arrival

When you arrive at your island home, isn’t it nice to walk into a warm, or fresh home? We can prepare your home for your arrival, and close it up again after your departure.

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More Services

We provide services to the residential homeowner to help ease their home ownership tasks. Listed above are some of our more common services. We can also meet vendors for deliveries or projects, allowing access but without providing keys or key codes to a multitude of people, arrange for servicing or repairs.

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