Grocery Delivery

Lummi Island Concierge will take care of everything you need to have a wonderful, relaxing stay on Lummi Island.

Grocery Supply and Delivery

Basket of Food #2

Imagine arriving at your Lummi Island Home and finding all the food you need to make breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and staples already there. Wouldn’t that be a great start to a wonderful getaway?
If you like to plan your own meals but don’t want the hassle of shopping, we can do that too. You provide us your list, we will shop and deliver your groceries, ready for you when you arrive. Let us ease the burden of shopping before your stay. Prepare your list of items and relax, when you arrive on island you will find all your groceries at your house waiting for you. We can suggest local groceries, such as produce, baked goods, and other seasonal items. You can tell us your preferences such as, organic, local and specific items. You will be billed for the actual cost of your groceries. There is a fee of $100 and 20% of the purchase. If you use a service from a store that will gather your groceries for you, only the $100 fee will apply.

Parties, Dinners and Catering

Bread Brownie Bites #2

If you are planning a dinner party, event or simply want a wonderful meal served in your island home we can take care of as many details as you want. Our partners can plan and implement a catered dinner, with wine pairings at your location. Each meal or party would be tailored to your unique interests, theme, and desires. Use the contact us form below or call us at 360.201.9351.

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