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Your Peace of Mind is Our Business


When you are away from your island home, you want to feel confident that all is well. Lummi Island Concierge checks your home regularly ensuring that it is safe and secure. We offer services if you are away for a few weeks, or for most of the year.

Vacation Rental Owner

We help homeowners make the most of their island home. We can help you enter into the vacation rental market, or assist with your existing vacation rental.

People want to visit Lummi Island, and if you don’t use your home all of the time, and want to put it to work while you are away, we can help make that happen for you.

Island Guest

Every time someone arrives on the island, they find something new to love. Our services include suggesting activities, coordinating rentals and helping you to have the visit you dream of.

We rent high quality 24 speed Specialized bicycles that are perfect for riding the roads of the island. Or we can help with planning your visit to the island. We will even pick up your groceries!